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Avenue House collects great ideas and suggestions so that you can hold a fabulous and memorable party. We look for the best places to hold your event and share ideas to make the occasion totally awesome.

There are three of us who make up the team of Avenue House. We have skills the complement each other to give Avenue House a strong base of skills and experience.



Sarah is 23 and has been a blogger for eight years, having started out as a teenager sharing her ideas about the plans she had for birthday parties for her family and friends. Always planning a party in her head, Sarah used her blog as a creative outlet, which drew attention from magazines and other publications.


Wedding & Event Planner

Katie, 31 is a specialist wedding and event planner offering a comprehensive, flexible and bespoke range of services catering for any budget. Katie works with clients to individually tailor personal events. Her specialities over the last 10 years include wedding receptions and charity fundraising events.



Rhiannon, 28 is passionate about flowers and feels extremely privileged to be involved in the florist industry and very fortunate to have found a job that she loves. Having achieved a National Certificate in Floristry, Rhiannon opened her florist business in December 2012.

Top Tips

Top Wedding tips

Confirm the number of guests before you settle on a venue. Check that your chosen date doesn’t clash with another local event that could affect traffic and hotel room availability. Sign up for a credit card with a rewards programme where you can consolidate all wedding related purchases and use the reward points towards your honeymoon. Friday and Sunday weddings cost about 30 percent less than Saturday weddings. Don't go dress shopping on your own, after a while they will all look the same. Use an online event planner to keep everything organised in one place.

Top Birthday Party Tips

Some adults prefer small, intimate gatherings, some will love a large-scale all-day event, so tailor the party to their personalities and interests. For children, match the number of guests with the age of the birthday child, if you have to invite more, add extra adult assistance and keep the official party time to an hour and a half. Remove any fragile or breakable objects from tables and arms length, accidents do happen. If the birthday celebration is a surprise, talk to the guest of honour’s closest friends to determine the approach to take.

Top Corporate Event Tips

Set your budget, allocating costs for catering, entertainment, venue, guest speakers, decorations, printing of handouts, signage and banners, marketing and promotion and on-site registration, You can negotiate better rates if you can work around peak demand times at your chosen venue. It is much more cost effective to serve buffet-style versus a sit-down meal. Limit the bar to beer, wine, soda, and juice. Book guest speakers early to get the best rate. Consider sponsorship from companies closely affiliated with your business or industry.

Top Anniversary Tips

As with all party planning, set your budget early. Find a banquet hall, restaurant, or event venue to provide beautiful décor and accommodation for guests. Add your anniversary year on your invitations so all guests know how long you have been married. Choose a theme for your party, you could match you party decor and music to the decade you got married, or hold a cocktail party for a more intimate party. If it is a milestone anniversary, include photographs from your wedding in the décor.

Top Family Party Tips

Send invitations and let people RSVP by email. If you’re having a buffet, label foods that contain allergens such as seafood and nuts. Include at least one vegetarian dish. Have water, juice, coffee and a punch. Remove your television if its in the party area. Try replacing some bulbs with coloured lamps or low wattage bulbs. Strobe lights and black lamps can add to the fun. Have a variety of music available, all upbeat and with mass appeal ready on an online playlist. Don’t be afraid to ask someone in the family to help with any part of the planning, most will want to help.

Top Large Group Get-together Tips

Hosting a party for your a large group get-together, whether it be family, friends or work colleagues can feel a bit overwhelming, but start by choosing a venue that is simple for everyone to get and where there is a choice of accommodation for all budgets. If you need extra parking for guests, arrange this in advance. Choose a date. Choose a party theme to set the tone for decorations, food, and invites. Organise some games to up the fun factor and ask guests to contribute ideas. Book a DJ or a karaoke area. A photo-booth is a perennial favourite.

Top Hen Party Tips

When setting the date, make sure there's enough time between the party and the wedding to allow for recovery time. Decide approximate numbers before you start. If you want to celebrate overseas, check what flights are available from your closest airport and check if everyone in the group can afford it. Decide on the daytime activities you want that the entire group can enjoy, whether action-packed, laid-back or something a bit different. If some people don’t know each other, book an ice-breaker on the first night, like a comedy club. Book entrance to clubs in advance so you’re not waiting in a queue.

Top Retirement Party Tips

AThis should be a fun, uplifting party. Decide if the party will be held at work, with the focus on work colleagues, or outside of work for mostly friends. Have a slide-show running as people arrive or photo montages in the room. Childhood pictures go over well, particularly the years with odd hairstyles and the fashions of the time. If you’re going to have speeches, limit these to 3-5 minutes from each speaker. Create an online guestbook where people can write well-wishes and tributes to the retiree.

Sarah, Katie and Rhiannon offer their readers and clients the very best experience, creating great memories of your wedding or facilitating the success of your business meeting, birthday party, anniversary or whatever occasion you celebrate. They can even help you find and choose presents for any occasion - it doesn't matter if you need an amazing wedding present or the best Valentine's gift – check out here some of their ideas.