The Trust of Event Planner

From weddings, birthdays and milestone anniversaries, through to corporate meetings, conventions and trade shows, all events start with a plan. An event planner joins their client at the early stages to talk through their ideas for the event, the favoured themes, the desired dates and the size of available budget and will remain in continual contact with clients before, during and after the event as they deal with follow-up and finalising details.

An event planner offers much more than simple event planning duties, with skills in research, marketing and logistics.

The skills of an event planner

A skilled event planner has a range of skills to make your event take place with the minimal amount of stress to the client. The event planner has excellent organisational skills and is detail oriented. They have computer skills, a problem-solving attitude and great communication skills. They stay calm under pressure and are able to meet tight deadlines. When looking for solutions they are creative and they also have good negotiation skills.

When looking for an event planner you want to be able to get along well as you’ll be in contact with each other a lot and it may be at times you will be communicating at times when you are stressed and anxious, therefore you want someone with the interpersonal and communication skills that work for you, both spoken and written.

Reasons to use an event planner


An experienced event planner can work out being cheaper than organising the event on your own. The fee you pay the event planner can be off-set by the reduced costs negotiated by the event planner with the venue and from those supplying goods and services. It is unlikely these discounts are available to those not working in the industry. A skilful event planner will also be able to advise which areas to prioritise your budget or and which areas you can save costs with little or no impact on the event.

Knowledge and experience

A professional event planner has a network of suppliers and trusted names. This means that you don’t run any risk of hiring a supplier who does not deliver precisely what you want. Also, an event planner will know the areas to focus on that have a high risk of not going to plan, and will put in place everything necessary to stop the risk.

Stress Levels

Hire an event planner to remove all the stress of organising the event from your shoulders. This is particularly important if you worry about what might go wrong at the event itself. The event planner deals with everything so that you and your guests can enjoy the occasion.


In the days running up to the event there will be a long list of things to do. Whether arranging delivery of items, confirming the menu or checking that all guests have accommodation. A professional event planner will do all of this, meaning you can enjoy the excitement leading up to the event.