The Hottest New Wedding and Party Trends

If you are planning your a big event or a wedding for 2018, here are some of the newest trends that move away from last years pastels and vintage glamour to large industrial spaces, metallics and bohemia or new age. Parties are less about a specific theme or colour combination and more about setting the vibe for the event. After years of rustic weddings, there is a new edginess combined with the romantic.


The Pantone Colour of the Year is considered one of the best indicators of what is trending. Last year it was Greenery. In 2018 the colour of the year is the blue-purple ultra violet, a move away from the pastels of 2017 to a deeper colour and richer textures.

Copper is the metallic colour of the year, replacing last years rose gold. Copper brings both luxury and warmth to designs, particularly when combined with white flowers. Silver and chrome are also popular for 2018.


Open, indoor, industrial spaces are the new trend for parties, being edgier than barn venues, which will still be in demand. With high ceilings and open space, they're just as airy as the great outdoors. Copper and marble work well together in décor, combined with exposed Edison light-bulbs in globe shaped light fittings of various sizes and hung at different heights to create a fun atmosphere.

Fairy lights around food stations and in floral centrepieces work well. Hang lights above or behind the food as a spotlight. Custom-made neon signs make great event décor.


Floral arrangements including a lot of foliage became popular in 2017, a trend that continues into 2018 where foliage is being combined with ultra violet roses, orchids and hydrangeas.

Flower crowns will continue to be popular on the wedding scene for another year, with brides of 2018 also wearing flowers in place of jewellery, including cuff bracelets and necklaces. Bridal bouquets will be big and cascading.

Once considered old-fashioned, the Dahlia will return in 2018 as the favourite flower for showy table displays. Dahlias come in a wide variety of colours and are available from May to November.

Hanging flowers are the floral decor of 2018. Tables are kept simple and the flowers hang from the ceiling. Reception tables have a small cluster of vases with just one or two types of flowers.

Food and beverages

Street food vans will offer quirky options in 2018 including roll your own sushi or create your own dessert. Combined with prosecco, craft beers and gin bars you will provide a broad range of food and drink at any party.

Classic comfort food is on trend, rather than a fine-dining five-course meal. Suggestions include gourmet burgers, and bangers and mash.

Macramé and Crystals

In keeping with the bohemian, new age trend in 2018, the 1970s craft of macramé, being knotted cord or string in pretty patterns, is back. Macramé bunting and table runners, bouquet wraps, chair décor, and more will be everywhere.

Celebration cakes

Fondant remains a perpetual favourite for wedding cakes, but another trend in 2018 are translucent cakes which have a very thin layer of buttercream on the outside. This less formal cake has a semi-frosting that keeps the cake from drying out and work well at rustic or quirky weddings. Otherwise art cakes looking like pieces of art, with painted finishes and edible decorations such as macaroons create a talking point. Drip cakes became popular in 2017 and will remain so in 2018. The doughnut trend also remains from 2017.

Bridal separates

Bridal separates are on trend for 2018, allowing brides to select their own choice of tops, bottoms and jackets to create her individual bridal style. This allows brides to have a unique look and gives flexibility to move from the ceremony to the reception without needing to change.

There is expected to be more brides wearing high-necked dresses in 2018.

Bridesmaids will not all be wearing dresses this year with trouser and jumpsuits on trend. On trend dresses include the versatile wrap dress in deep colours, with velvet is the fabric of choice if the weddings not in summer.

Blue suits for the groomsmen carries over from 2018, with burgundy making an entrance too.

Statement shoes

Brides and bridesmaids will rock statement shoes in 2018. Colourful, glittered, or bold, these shoes add personality to the overall look and become wearable shoes for many occasions after the big day.

Hand-fasting ceremonies

It is no longer just a choice between the registry office or a local place of worship for the couple wishing to be married. Humanist ceremonies are becoming more popular at weddings and the number of hand-fasting ceremonies, an old Pagan custom that dates back to the time of the ancient Celts, is expected to continue to increase.